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We at Global Webs Link understands your exclusive needs. We develop high quality mobile apps which can run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Our mobile app design team has the skills, capability and the ability to create engaging and functional mobile apps for our clients. We create mobile applications that present your information in new, innovative and creative way.

  • Design mobile app that understand your market requirements.
  • Unique and appealing design that makes all the difference.
  • Mobile app designs that will help to advance your business.

We help you develop advanced and ingenious ways to present information, entertainment and content on your mobile application. We bring your app to life by fully understanding the clients preferences and requirements. We focus in making the mobile app development process straightforward, successful and fun. We carefully understand our clients needs and help them unfold their vision.

We offer our client's customers to have a tailored communication in the language they speak and understand. Personalisation of the mobile app is based on a user’s interest and behaviors. We make sure our client get what they want from the app. We develop mobile apps at affordable and low price. An efficient mobile app is truly essential to get your company, product or service completely visible. Our experience and dedication to excellence make us your best choice for anyone who is looking for mobile application development. We understand what it takes to create exceptional mobile applications that are a joy to use. If you are interested in mobile app, Contact Us 9793322000 to grasp the success at your fingertips.

Our App Design Process

Our comprehensive App design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


Before designing, we know about the purpose of the application through our customers. The first thing we do is search about similar products already in the market and get to know their virtues and weaknesses. Find what they are lacking, then compare them with the product we are creating. This provides us with an adequate and effective interaction design.

Our team focuses on good ideas on how to approach textures and other graphics. We are always objective with our analysis.

Mobile App Design Process


In the next step we map out an interaction sketch of the system’s modules and how they interact and interconnect with each other. This helps in building a bigger picture of the whole system and how it will work. Then we present it to the clients and make necessary changes if required any and move forward.

After this step the immediate thing to do is elaborate a somewhat abstract set of wireframes of each main screen of each module.

Mobile App Designer in Lucknow


Create mockups with simple, basic graphics so they’ll be easy to move around. In this phase, we explore different layouts, arrangements for elements and standardizing those elements. Elements can be title bars, menus, pop-up windows, icons, buttons, alerts, photos and so on. Standardize those elements so that we can clone them throughout the application.

Create a style-guide of fonts and sizes, the less the better! and then move into the next phase of mobile app design.

Mobile App Designing in Lucknow


In this phase, we work out the details of the mockups and experiment with colour palettes to define a final colour scheme. We work out the details of UI elements that are commonly used, such as message windows, menu bars, icons, scrollbars, and radio buttons, are graphic elements that are typically consistent and have representations that are widely understood by users.

Create a dummy version of the app and include screen and element interactions. We present this dummy version to test user and move forward.

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